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About Us

Pirates Haven ATV Friendly RV Park , Chalets & Adventures are T’Rail Accessible, Where You Are Greeted With The Finest Hospitality.

We are...

Pirate’s Haven ATV Friendly RV Park, Chalets & Adventures is a partnership of Family & Friends who work alongside each other to promote a safe, respectful, fun & unique experience to all our visitors.

We are Always Interested in our patrons, to ensure we meet all their needs and get beyond their expectations. Pirate’s Haven Resort is a full service center who caters to RV/Campers, Chalet & Glamping accommodations, licensed restaurant/catering, where you can share in the Fun of Festivals & Events at the Long House Gathering Place.

Pirate’s Haven is well known to Angler’s as a perfect location to stay while Salmon fishing on the Southwest Coast. Enjoy a summer breeze as you relax on the chalet patio listening to the sound of Robinson’s River.

Pirate’s Haven is Newfoundland’s #1 ATV Destination, we fine tuned our amenities to Elate the ATVer. There are 100’kms of trail system throughout the SW Coast, T’rail. beaches, mountains and grassy bluffs, mug-up trail lunches, breathtaking views & the home of lifelong memories.

How we came to be Pirate's Haven:

Robinson’s is named after John Robinson, an Irishman who had lived in the Bay Of Islands with his daughter, Molly during the late 1700’s. During the 1600’s well into the 1800’s Pirates & Privateers from England & France sailed the high seas and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. A young cabin boy, named Clement Renouf had escaped off a British Man of Warship where he was held captive, but before his escape he secured his treasures that he had stolen from the Pirate Ship. Clement Renouf left the Longboat and found his way to John Robinson’s in the Bay of Islands, John Robinson feared that the Pirates would seek out Clement Renouf so he along with his daughter and Clement set course and they sailed until they found their way to Robinson’s Head, (End Moraine of the Glacier Age) and here they settled in on the caves, perfect Haven hidden from passing Pirate Ships. From then on the community became known as Robinson’s and John Robinson’s gravesite remains on Robinson’s Head. Paul recalls hearing the stories of Pirates and hidden treasures, the trading of goods of Newfoundland salt cod fish for provisions of rum & spices. History facts tell us that Peter Easton sailed our waters but he chose to settle on the East Coast. However our most notorious Pirates of are Eric Cobham and his wife Maria Lindsey, they practiced piracy in the Gulf of St. Lawrence from their base in Bay St. George. Once we learned more about our Pirate history and the fact that we had purchased Robinson’s Head and how it had once been a safe Haven for Pirates of the day, we decided to call ourselves Pirate’s Haven. Our opportunity to showcase Robinson’s Head to the world and to cater to our clients by ensuring their safety and well being with a sense of excitement and thrill thus allowing us to operate as Pirate’s Haven!

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