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Longhouse Restaurant

The Longhouse Restaurant

Located at 229 Main Road Robinsons at our RV Park we have “The Longhouse”.

This is the main hub for Pirate’s Haven. Here holds the activity centre, shower rooms, laundry facilities and our Restaurant: The Longhouse Restaurant.

Decorated from floor to ceiling in client gifts of the pirate variety, this country style, laid back, family restaurant is known for serving the best home cooked meals in town.  The cooks, Donna and Tina, and owners, Paul and Ruth, aim to not only to offer great home-cooked meals, but to also provide a relaxing, cottage-like environment filled with family, friends and boisterous laughter. Waitresses usually know the customers by name and don’t even have to ask for orders in some cases; they know their favorites, it’s always the same.  While waiting for your meals to be prepared you can take a walk in the park, travel up to the “Crows Nest Lookout,” or play on the playground. Did I mention the free wifi?

Located on Route 404, Pirate’s Haven serves people from near and far catering to our clients with kindness and great home cooked food. This home-away-from-home is sure to satisfy even the largest appetite and pickiest of eaters.

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