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Our Rivers

Pirate’s Haven promotes angling as we are located 30 minutes from 6 well known Salmon Rivers, guides, licences and packages onsite.

Robinsons River

Robinsons River

Robinsons River has an elevation of 1 metre and is situated in Robinsons, NL, northwest of Cartyville, close to Middle Barachois River.

Famous angler Lee Wulff made the Silver Wulff salmon fly specifically based on this river.

Rough GPS position Latitude. 48.2492°, Longitude. -58.8193°

We are located right alongside the Robinsons River, in fact our park contours around it.

Fischells River

Fischells River

Located in Fischels, east of Heatherton, parts of this river has beautiful gypsum rock walls and is home of many beautiful salmon.

Rough GPS position Latitude. 48.3194°, Longitude. -58.7096°

We are located 12.8 km from Fischels River

Crabbe’s River

Crabbe’s River and Tributaries

Crabbes River has an elevation of 24 metres. Crabbes River is situated southwest of Jeffrey’s, close to Crabbes Head. The Maidstone Road crosses this river, as does the T’Railway Trail.

Although the salmon start to run in late May, the better fishing is usually found in the middle to late June. Also look for sea trout in season in this river.

Rough GPS position Latitude. 48.2167°, Longitude. -58.8652°

We are located 5.7km from this river.

Barachois River

Barachois River and Tributaries

Middle Barachois River is situated west of Cartyville, close to Robinsons River.

Rough GPS position Latitude. 48.2444°, Longitude. -58.8263°

From our park this river is only 0.8km away.

North Branch

North Branch

The headwaters of the Grand Codroy River stretch into the North Branch and South Branch River basins.  These tributaries drain the mountainous highlands and plateau of the Long Range Barrens before joining to form the Grand Codroy River.

Flat Bay Brook

Flat Bay Brook and Tributaries

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