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$100 / per person

Pirate’s Haven Feather & Folk tour is an excursion that is designed for the more adventurous rider. This is a guided tour with experienced leaders of both riding and the land. This is a day-long tour that takes you to the Heartland of the Backwoods, possibilities of Moose, Caribou, Fox…

$100 / per person

If you are a beachcomber and appreciate the roar of the ocean and the salty smell of the sea, this is your tour! Bay St. George South has multiple beaches accessible by ATV and each beach has its own unique characteristics. Some are rocky, some sandy, some grassy! Chat with…

$100 / per person

The Coastal & Sea Stacks tour leaves form Pirate’s Haven travel the T’rail onto grassy bluffs and then we veer off to the Magnificent rugged coastline.  Stop and view the splendor of the Highlands Sea Stacks and the sightings of Gannets & Cormorants as they perch upon the Sea Stack…

$100 / per person

Pirate’s Haven Middle Of Nowhere Tour is sought after by folks needing to escape the roar and confusion of today’s world. This varied terrain ATV ride allows you to forget your daily woes and find your inner peace. From valleys to mountain ridges this ATV Excursion will allow your appreciation…

1 day
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